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First time on site having followed your thoughts in the times and newsnetscotland.

I confess to being an admirer and wish you well in the coming elections.

Independence soon, I too hope.

Listened to you on ABC radio this morning here in Perth,WA.Thought I would like to hear more of you.Originally from Greenock have been in Australia since 1964 and 2011 will be my 70th year on this Planet!
Best wishes to you
from Janette Casey

Hi Joan:
I keep surfing the web for Scottish happenings mostly political these days since things there seem to be heating up and then every once in a while I think, :|" What is Joan McAlpine up to these days? " and get a great deal of pleasure of reading your articles.
Thank you.
Alex Galt

you spotted the deliberate mistake. Well done

Niggle - Item 10 - its Sartre, not Satre. And he's a bore, frankly.

I saw Dizzy G. live in New York. Also Miles Davis, I was with a black woman partner and Miles was quite conversational.(I'm a whitey).

At Ronnie's, I've seen Chet Baker (incoherent), Nina Simone (drunk) and Sonny Rollins (dominating).

I'm talking years ago..

I'm glad I've found your site. Bit accidental though.


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