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August 23, 2011


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You need to read this.

Why is there no grassroots PRO independence website?

I was thinking after reading your tweet why there are no SNP affiliated or pro-independence think tanks?

From a poster on newsnet:

Slightly O/T, but related,I think the following should be pursued.
We are repeatedly told in the news currently that once the oil starts flowing again in Libya, they will be very wealthy, in fact one of the wealthiest in the world (watch out for these remarks in the news, especially the BBC)
Now consider this. Libya is 17th in the world in Oil production, producing 1,790,000 barrels of Oil a day and has a population of 6.42 Million , thats equivelant to 0.2788 barrels of oil per person
Scotland is 19th in the world in Oil production, producing 1,502,000 barrels of Oil a day and has a population of 5.22 Million thats equivelant to 0.2877 barrels of oil per person

This is the clearest double standard and freshest in the mind of people because of Libya.
Repeatedly in the News especailly the BBC, talks of Libya, being a wealthy country, but when it comes to Scotland, its all talk of 'oil running out' and Scotland can't rely on the Oil

If I'm not mistaken that photo is taken at Princes Pier in Greenock.

i think there is a growing confidence particularly in the young about scotland and being scottish that was not there in the recent past.(except the scotland football team).or is there the same want to get away to be successful.although 'getting away' is not a bad thing. what i have noticed is the young who do are looking for opportunities outwith scotland are comfortable at trying e.u. countries for where in the past this may have been london. i think they see the e.u. as 'one place' the old borders do not mean the same as in the past. scotland in europe?

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