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June 07, 2011


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And now anyone who supports the idea of independence is being regarded as a "separatist". The idiots are exulting in the tactics of Cameron and Moore. They're lapping it up and are blissfully unaware of how it will seem to Scots. You couldn't defend the Union in a more mind boggling incompetent way if you were getting your ideas from the big book of wrong ideas. The unionist's - especially the Tories - are the dumbest people in the room right now.

The Tories have said (Nick Clegg) that there will be no second referendum.

So now the Brit nats have to argue 'a positive case for the union' (M Moore).

I can't see a strong case FOR but here are some things I would argue:

There isn't a positive cas for the union that interests the Scots.

- All this UN voice at the table stuff is worthless to someone who's only interested a decent family life.

- Scotland would get a better deal in Europe if independent.

- Scotland is the second largest oil exporter in Europe (after Norway).

- We are dragged into Westminster wars.

- We are and have been subsidising England since the union began.

- We don't require 'Great Britain' to reach world markets in the modern world, especially with Europe.

- We DON'T want Trident, we DON'T want nuke subs nor do we want old leaky radioactive subs parked in Scottish lochs left to rust and contaminate our country.

- I could go on but I'll finish with the banking crisis fallacy, Westminster gave guarantees for almost all of it but printed up some cash (increasing inflation that people are feeling now). The actual amount of money given is about £10 Billion.

- The huge £1 Trillion debt was Westminster (with its thieving expenses pigs) spent without reindustrialising England or Scotland. Both the Tories and Labour parties are right-wing parties but Labour is just simply incompetent.

The case FOR the union is HARDLY positive from a Scottish perspective.

From an English perspective, with Scottish independence they'll establish an England once more and choose a government for the people rather than this continuation of right-wing Labour/Tory administrations.



This caught my eye:

....Michael Moore claim about the vague workings of a UK constitution that doesn't actually exist.

If it doesn't exist then we are all experts now!


The SNP should vote down the current Scotland Bill as something that they don't support and go to the electorate with a referendum this autumn for a democratic mandate on calman v full fiscal autonomy.

Then one on sovereign independence after 2015.

Tories refuse SNP Scotland bill changes

'Patronising bastards'.

Sow the storm, reap the whirlwind as one old saying goes. They haven't learned a thing, and are using the tactics that nearly every political commentator has stated will backfire.
Have they really nothing to offer but tired old arguments?

My gran used to have a saying about people she didn't care for "They have a face you'd never get tired of slapping". It used to be a good way to describe the tories, now it could be used to describe the unionist camp. Every time they try something dodgy, they'll get the scots so angry they'll be lining up to slap the unionist face...hard.

Apropos Moore's comments, "rabid" - with all that this term implies - seems to unconsciously spring to mind along with images of Pontius Pilate.

He is treading on very thin ice in terms of international law, I gather.

Anyway, toom tabard pronouncements grist to the mill and apart, onwards.

The Scottish Spring", perhaps. I'm just back from a month in Spain, leaving just before the election and the Spanish Government are really worried after the result in Scotland that the Catalans an the Basques will demand independence. Hee, hee!

What I find odd about Moore's comments is that by making a big song and dance about the need for a second referendum, it's like he's presuming a 'yes' vote from the people on the (1st?) referendum, he's talking like it's a done deal.

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