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June 12, 2011


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""In Witdom there is a paragraph that reads like it was an analysis of the May 2011 result:

“The SNP is accused by poison-spitters of being separatist, greedy and narrow-minded," mused Brown, who then advised:"A positive policy is the only answer, and the best is an active advocacy of an Anglo-Scottish alliance which will follow the era of English domination.”"""


Congrats on the award.

I agree on the one hand Dewar et al. were Brit nats but your explanation of their degree of nationalism is fair and does go to clearly show what the current anti-Scottish mob of right-wingers are at their cores.

Likewise, Joan, I've always pondered why mature Scots with no shortage of information, probably even from a much more informed position, choose over their own country, to identify with a clearly disadvantaging union. Moore, Alexander, Wallace and Ming Campbell are way to the fore on that score, with plenty of fellow Scot travelers right beside them.

Call it the cringe factor, if you will, but a more cynical view pushes an opinion toward self-aggrandisement and self-gain.

I noted with interest what Denis Canavan had to say about Dewar in his biography "Let the people decide". I'll go with his view.

I have to agree completely with Gerry. There are many who remember the Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil and who remember Dewar chosing to walk through the "No" door when offered a choice for or against a Scottish Parliament at a performance of it.
People like Dewar and Buchan were perfectly formed for operating in a second dependent tier of Government, acting as blocks preventing any real expression of constructive or radical politics getting onto the agenda.
Buchan was a socialist without the imagination to see the bigger picture.
Dewar was never a socialist but an establishment defender whose rise to the top of a supposedly socialist organisation told you all you needed to know about that organisation.

Oliver Brown's "Witdom" is one of my most prized possesions and should be reprinted.

Joan - you have a unjaundiced view of Dewar and the Buchans. You have to face the fact that they, and most of that Labour generation, in Scotland quite hated any Nationalist - ask Winnie about her reception in the Commons for months after her by-election victory. I have always concluded that they just didnt like the idea of losing power, and the money, to anyone else.

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