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May 27, 2011


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Hi there, Congratulations on your win, I hope you enjoy your new job for the next 5 years and more.

Being a journalist by nature, I hope you can help play a part in working towards the development of a more pro-Scottish, or even a slightly balanced media in this country.

I feel that news and political reporting in Scotland so anti-Scottish it would be better described as racist. Life would be much better if control of legislation surrounding media, particularly concerning our state broadcasters, is brought under Scottish control where it belongs.

I have now saved approx £90 from non-payment of the British Nationalist Broadcasting TV license fee. I now watch TV on demand, it's free. Can pay, won't pay!

I have heard a few people of late describing STV as "more balanced" than BBC Scotland. Today I watched the 2nd of June's edition of Politics Now, starring Bernard Ponsonby backed by his, in my view, anti-Scottish British nationalist hacks; Gordon Jackson QC, Angus Macleod and Ted Brocklebank. Not even one Scot to defend us! They all seemed to relish getting the boot in to Alex Salmond and the SNP re supreme court etc for quite some time with even the supposedly 'Balanced Bernard' appearing to join in with his attack dogs onslaught with his leading questions and accusations.

It looked slightly worse to me!

I'm glad we don't have gangs of terrorists running around in empty vans attempting to scare us into paying for this, in my opinion, sellout clique of patronising rogues.

Had an e mail from Alex Potter on saturday saying that Newsnet was out for maintenance and it would be restored soon

excellent speech Joan. I have now got some hope that Scotland can become the country it deserves to be with folk like you representing us. Brings a tear to my eye.....

I watched your speech and thought it was excellent, Joan. I'm sure we will hear you speak sensibly and thoughtfully on lots of matters over the course of the next 5 years. I am still puzzling however over Joanne Lamont's comment re your speech when she stated that was what made her a socialist not a Nationalist like you. Surely Socialism is part of Nationalism, not something exclusive to Labour?

Can anyone tell me why Newsnet Scotland is not working?


Joan Newsnetscotland has been down since at least Friday (27th) evening


Well done Joan - it's good to see these people called to account for the good things they have done.

The First Minister has already pointed out in reference to cross party support previously shown for the six issues he is taking up with Westminster, that there can be no argument against matters they have already supported.

The barefaced plunder by the Crown Estates being a case in point. Drive it home.

Excellent maiden speech, Joan. I agree with cynicalHighlander, the future of Holyrood is very promising as there have been some very impressive new arrivals to the chamber, particularly in the SNP benches. This is no diddy parliament!

As to the content itself, you highlight exactly why it is that the Crown estate should be devolved, and it's difficult to see how it can be argued that they should not be devolved.

Well done you!

I well remember my maiden speech, I was terrified, and afterwards regretted attacking D. Dewar for a lack of ambition and vision. Ah, the arrogance of a naive and newly elected Tory lister.

In hindsight I think I was correct, not really blaming Dewar, but the whole dreary municipal Labour machine who wanted the Parliament to be Town Hall Mark 2.

As I get older I have realised that only by self determination will our land prosper, so more power to your elbow and those of your colleagues

Bravo! Well said and done.

as Joan is too modest watch here speech here along with the other notable ones

I thought your maiden speech along with Patrick Harvie, the lady from Labour,and the Speech by Margot shone out. Alex's speech was excellent but I thought he sounded a bit tired , wether that was a conscious decision to tone it down and not ham it up I am not sure.
So well done to you all,
sad to see the ex Copper , the soon to be Labour in Scotland Leader and the Lib Dem leader drag themselves back into last year with the same old negative backward looking non actioning rhetoric.

I watched the proceedings and most of you 'newbees' acquitted yourselves admirably and will know doubt up the knowledge based standard of debate. I trust your postings allowing comments will continue into the future time allowing. Well done to all.

Excellent Joan.

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