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May 18, 2011


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As an English Nationalist I would like to congratulate Alex Salmond and the SNP. Hopefully his support will continue to the referendum and a resounding YES vote will end the links between England and Scotland.

Watched your maiden speech on telly - one of the better ones by a mile.

Do you know if Alex Salmond intends to let Sir Ian Wood bulldoze Aberdeen's beautiful mature Victorian parklands at Union Terrace Gardens, to make way for a carpark for Stewart Milne's Triple Kirks site, contrary to the wishes of, something like, 80% of Aberdonians?

At last - we're on the move and it's ambitious and positive and unstoppable.

Good luck Joan in your MSP-ship!

I'm sure there's a tidal wave of initiative ready to surge forward.


I'm still pinching myself that a First Minister of Scotland made such an inspiring forward-looking speech, even quoting two of my favourite poets. Remarkable times indeed.


I was struck by the fact that the FM quoted both MacDiarmid and MacCaig and to good effect.

The poet Hugh MacDiarmid, whose passing, in 1978, should have been marked, according to fellow poet Norman MacCaig, by "a two-minute pandemonium", saw that Scotland needed "a great upswelling of the incalculable", a flinging away of spectacles and discarding of safety belts. I think we can say that it has arrived.

Joan, would you be able to do a blog as a Holyrood MSP?

I would find it dascinating and I'm sure I'm not alone.

As the unionists start getting angry, and they are. After Salmond's speech, a thought on the 'union'.

Unionism is really just Brit nationalism.

It's nothing to do with a union and everything to do with a British national parliament having (quite naturally in fact) a Westminster direction and a Westminster view of everything.

Scotland is not in a union, Scotland is a territorial acquisition that the Brit nats use to whatever ends they wish.

I am an independentist (French word).

"What are the Unionists frightened of?"- they are afraid that the truth is slowly coming out and it will mean even less seats for them!I could care less for these who would do Scotland, their own country, down at every turn!

Absolutely outstanding!
The North British party puppets got their barbs in first, firing predictable institutionalised warning shots against independence, alongside well chosen words by Patrick Harvey and Margo.
Alex drew all their comments together with customary humour, wit, and consensual spirit, covering '6 areas of shared support' over Scotland's requirements for greater powers – in reality, issues on which all the unionists would be back-pedaling with furious haste – then he built to the climax, with statesmanlike declaration of our growing national self-confidence and our independent potential being released once more to the world.
Amid the following ovation, those on the puppet benches could then only sit on their hands with grim facial expressions – a marvelous illustration of how they have always treated Scotland, and how much they'll continue to struggle with the scale of the new electoral reality, as delivered so resoundingly by the people. :-D

I thought it was brilliant. One of the most measured speeches that I have heard any politician give. What are the Unionists so frightened of?

Very good!

Very inspiring

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