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May 05, 2011


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Now the dust is starting to settle I would just like to add my heart felt congratulations to you Joan.
I know you'll do us proud.

Many, many congratulations. I am still pinching myself on the election results. Do your thing Joan and do Scotland proud, so, so pleased!

Your first day in parliament! Congratulations.

Congrats Joan.

Go lassie go!

A sparkling performance this morning on the Radio 4 'Today' programme at 08.54 when Joan challenged the ultra Unionist ramblings of 'Prof' Tim Luckhurst promoting the case for the full entitlement of the UK to participate in the Independence referendum. Another doughty fighter with the credentials to promote our cause and challenge the legions of ill informed UK presenters like John Humphrys. Well done Joan.

You will make a fantastic MSP Joan!

I think it could suit the SNP very well to continue a consensus building approach.

I like how Salmond and co was trying to frame the future as post-negativity as soon as they looked to be running free – it makes the easy anti-independence messages very difficult to deploy. It matches very nicely with a (majority backed) consensus building approach.

Sorry, I somehow omitted to congratulate you earlier. Sincere congratulations and my very best wishes to you and all the other SNP MSPs.

Carpe diem.

Congratulations Joan.
Thig ar latha.... And now it has

Great result on a momentous day and many congratulations on your election. Your personal contribution to the debate and the ascendancy of the SNP has been significant and worthy. Enjoy your new role.

A Tale of Two Tsunamis:

Well done, Joan: Gambarrimasu! Fighto!

Congratulations! Best of luck - you have and will do Scotland proud :)

hay Joan,

We not good enough for you anymore?


Won Lassie Won - well done. Looks like your career has taken off with the helicopter :)

I'm sure you will be a great contributor in the parliament and for Scotland. I Wonder how your blog will evolve and I hope you continue to do so regularly.

I was the first on the net to suggest that we hold the referendum pn the longest day of 2014,

the 700th anniversary of Bruce's victory at Bannockburn but I'll be just as happy if it's the 701st anniversary if that's better.

Alba gu bràth

And the future is now. Congratulations on a wonderful victory!

Well done Joan!

Well done Go Lassie Go! Sorry, that should be Joan McAlpine MSP!!!

Really chuffed you got elected, hope you still find time to do a bit of blogging though.

Congratulations Joan, so glad you will be part of the new Scottish government.

Your blog has been a source of excellent information and intelligent insight. You will be a great asset for the SNP.

Please keep up the blog if you possibly can. I will be looking forward to your views from the inside of Holyrood.


Congrats MSP Lassie - I look forward to your future contributions to our society and its future

Congratulations to you Joan. You will be a loss to the impoverished Scottish media, but the national interest will be well served by an articulate and sensitive advocate for better things in the Parliament. Go, lassie, go!

Well done Joan and good luck for the next 5 years.

What an election to join Holyrood!

Many congrats Joan. You deserve it girl!

Well done Joan McAlpine MSP!

Well done Joan. You'll do Scotland South, indeed the whole country, proud. Great to have you on board.

Congratulations on your election, Joan.

Come on, Joan. Appreciate you must be exhausted, but post a special update view post trenches.

Make me and many others happy for this is of itself historic, and may be unleashing a chain of events even more so.

Salutations and affection to ALL at home from Tokyo

Congratulations Joan!

Well done Joan and all the team; Go Lassie Go!

Well done Joan. Great result in the South of Scotland list. I'm sure you'll make a fine MSP.

congtatulations!Joan you'll be a great asset to the SNP government

Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

A Brompton S6L and I voted SNP twice this morning (it'a bike of course).

Great blog as usual Joan, and best of luck today!

The short stint I did this morning at the Polling Booth would reinforce that view. An amazing diversity of people expressed support. Let's hope it continues throughout the day.

Greetings to everyone from Japan, a land that Scots helped build post-Meiji Restoration.

My thoughts and support are with everyone at home - Scots of every different stripe - who wish to re-shape our destiny and take us forward as an independent equal in the global community of nations: May 6th's elections being a vital part of this process.

I shall be on tenterhooks here until the final results are declared along with many others drawn from many other nations based here and monitoring the run-up and outcome for this seems to be a significant part of a global sea-change of re-definition of the meaning and practice of democracy away from the institutionalised inequities of the current, (not so entrenched any longer ?) elites: A bottom-up demand for justice and fairness by the marginalised and dispossessed and exploited.

My fingers crossed folk will grasp the thistle.

Ganbatte kudasai agus saor Alba!

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