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April 05, 2011


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Endorsed by Ian Gray - isn't that the Kiss of Death?

Naughty naughty Joan! I can't vote for you but hope you glide in to Holyrood in May.

Still waiting for someone to PRINT the name please (Joan's link doesn't work for me).

And another.

Having been based first in Turkey and since then Tokyo for approximately 20 years in total and having observed the body language and mannerisms of the various entrenched political elites, what strikes me about Iain Gray and his associates in the Labour Party in Scotland is the sheer gangsterism of their collective demeanour mirrored here in Tokyo by the lower level muscle of the Japanese yakuza crime cartels: The gallous rhetorical speech patterns and hardman postures and struts are uncannily similar.

A distinctly unpleasant sight to witness in either case, but above all in aspiring national leaders albeit of the quisling variety. In Turkish, maganda types.

Is this just a personal endorsement like John Farquar or is he also voting SNP?

After getting a friend to install Zonal Firewall, I find that I cannot get many photo (?) links like this one. But I'm dying to know who now is endorsing AS!
Will someone please post the answer? Thanks.

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