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April 17, 2011


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Let's be thankful Salmond is too experienced and mature a politician himself to be claiming that he's won it yet.

And cop this if you haven't already:

I think you will find Joan, The Scum backed Tony Blair only when it was overwhelmingly obvious that he was going to win the '97 election and then withdrew that support when Gordon Brown became leader. With Rupert, everything is about the personal it seems.

Also, you will find The Scum does not back any of the issues you do - it is anti-independence, pro-Trident, pro-war (especially Iraq) and pro-nuclear.

GOTCHA! As one august journal once stated.

Personally, I never wanted the support of The Scum, was pleased when they finally fell away to embrace Cameron and the Tories - and you will be too before much longer.

@peter macdonald well The Sun backed Labour for a long time Peter and you didn't seem to object then. I am happy to accept any endorsement that doesn't compromise us - the SNP remains pro-independence, anti Trident, anti war and anti nuclear - a party for the vulnerable and the aspirational too. We have a positive vision for the country. Lastly, The Sun like backing winners so without getting complacent, I see this as a good omen, though it will not in itself win the election - that will take continuing professionalism and hard work

The "Scum" backs The Alex Salmond Party!

As a journalist and candidate, I'm sure you are swelling with all the page 3 pride you can muster.

Good luck with that one.

Scottish Republic Re: The North of England joining an independent Scotland,

I used to work in an engineering Company in the North of England, the blokes knew I was SNP often i was told that if we managed to get independence that they would like to join us, I'm all for it they promised they'd bring their North Sea gas fields with them, plus our part of the North Sea that Henry Mcleish gave to England when he was an MP.

Saor Alba

Great article, not sure this is the tipping point, "a week is a log time" etc. Hope your as good an MSP as you are a journo Joan.
PS the Massie/Spectator link is broken.

Anent the post from Scottish Republic I am told tha the the Sunday Express carries details of a poll in Berwick showing over 60% of the inhabitants want ing to (re)join Scotland

Alec is the best politician in the world today, he wiped the floor with three Brit nat stoooges (and that woman who was there, her name I don't remember and her purpose was obscure).

The Liverpudlians gave us The Beatles and are a nice bunch.

It was crystal clear on their faces that they wished they had Salmond fighting their fights for them.

I for one would be very happy to invite Liverpool to become part of a Scottish nation and the North of England for that matter. Leave all the Torys to their natural habitat. They can screw each other over like that and see how it feels.

Salmond was excellent on QT and for once I'm glad the Lockerbie question came up because Salmond just put the record strait and let the people in England know who the real villains were, ie Blair and Tory toffs.

Alex Salmond was very well received by the audience and they seemed to like him a lot. Maybe the SNP should field candidates in Liverpool!!!

I can't think of one British politician who comes anywhere near Salmonds debating skills, not even William Hague who I think is the strongest parliamentarian in Westminster.

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