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April 09, 2011


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Well, I for one fell sorry for Ian Gray. The poor man can't do a thing right. Clearly not FM material. However, to raise his spirits slightly (even though he voted against raising spirits slightly as it was an SNP idea...) I am going to have Steve Wright play him a wee request on Sunday morning. I think I'll ask them to play him "Don't Sleep in the Subway"? Boom boom!

Somebody mentioned "Taxi for Gray" -

Iain Gray on the run.

Thanks for that rather excellent poem Dougie Blackie.

Dear diary, please forgive this sad North British Labour tale
But this mornin’s been a tough one on our wee campaignin’ trail
In red rosettes at Glesca Central, we were feelin’ smug and smart
‘Til some folk wi honest values blew the whole charade apart

They surrounded puir wee Curran, and wir closin’ in on me
So like a salmon up a burn, Ah wis forced tae turn an’ flee
Frae the concourse intae Subway, Ah led as leaders do
Still the buggers kept on comin’ till the place wis nearly fu’ !

Now, Ah’ve been in some tough places, like Govan and Rwanda
Ah’ve walked the Killin fields, been looked at funny by a panda
Ah’ve seen off Pinochet, Ah’ve even baby-sat ma niece
But there in yon wee shoppie, Ah wis forced tae haud ma piece

Then, with our hope and spirits fading, came the shout “Taxi for Gray!!”
Like a Ninja, Ah wis oot there, in the cab and then away
Then it was business as usual after several cups o’ tea
Just a few more weeks to go before Bute House belongs tae me!! ;-)

Gray's run and hide episode has got to be the biggest electioneering gaff since Broon's "bigoted woman" comment.

Just to say, the carers involved in the protest have a Facebook group here -
Save the Accord centre

Excellent stuff as usual GLG.
Keep up the great work.

just out of interest and as a contrast, a video which has been doing the rounds round the globe, about political activism and getting one's messege across, I noticed was made outside our own beloved Glasgow Museum of Modern Ert, here -
The Power of Words

I made the observation on a few online forums that, in reality, the blind begger would get huckled by the Polis - I also pointed out that just a few hundred yards from where this video was shot some locals, only just recently, tried to persuade their local and national political representives, using the power of words of course, of the foolishness of their political decision of wanting to close, and also demolish, a local care centre as well as remove billions of pounds of welfare off sick, ill and disabled people in Scotland (and the rest of the UK).

It's interesting to compare and contrast the events of the fictious invented video which never happened, and the real actual one which did.

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