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April 18, 2011


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The Treaty (or Act) of Union 1707

Information on above:

Thanks for posting. I blogged on this here.

Good to know the First Minister has the Act of Settlement in his sights. He is obviously planning ahead for independence. :-) The implications for an independent Scotland are quite...err well.


it was an oversight but your right, a republic is the only reasonable choice in the world post American revolution.

That's been a while now.

For all those trying to get on to the Newsnet Scotland site you can by-pass the problem by clicking on a link to any page except the home page.

Try the one Stevie has put up below.

In a modern Scottish context and while I support Alec Salmond's I credential initiative, let us simply establish a republic and bypass this heedrumhodrum. Preferably a genuine people upwards led socialist one in full diplomatic and democratic communion with the rest of the world.

Like Uilleam MacDiarmid I check this site and Newsnet daily but no Newsnet and have just tried again (19.04.11 at 11.40am) and still no sign of it.

Any know anything?


Hi Joan, Newsnet just got put off line by a cyber attack at its server in Denmark.

Clearly the Brit nats don't like the fact it's getting big.

They need to move to a protected server and that's more expensive.

Do you know any big financial donors who can help a bit?

Joan, I agree we need to come up to speed but I would rather concentrate on abolition of the monarchy.
Off topic: Can Alex Porter tell us what has happened to my first port of call, Newsnet Scotland followed in my case by Joan and then Peter Curran? Has the site been undone by Labour or the Establishment? It is all very fishy at a crucial time in the Election campaign.

Stevie - amen to that (pardon the pun). Let's add the monarchy to your list too, which would be quicker than passing legislation to allow women and catholics on the throne.

Can't we just abolish religion and outlaw all the God nonsense.

I have to say that this never bothered me - and I'm Catholic - as it's ultimately irrelevant. I'd rather see the time spent abolishing the monarchy than trying to let more people into it.

Directly quited from the Claim of Right 1689 and still the applicable law in Scotland:

"That by the law of this Kingdome no papist can be King or Queen of this realme nor bear any office whatsomever therin nor can any protestant successor exercise the regall power untill he or she swear the Coronation Oath."


As I have pointed out to you before, the Claim of Right 1689 ( which is still very much part of the existing law of Scotland is a greater hurdle to equality of rights for Catholics than ever is the old English Act of Settlement. It is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

Either Alex is being mischievous or is not informed as the 1701 Act of Settlement only applies to England.

The bar on Catholics inheriting the throne was written into Article two of the Treaty of Union so that it the ban on catholic monarchs applied in Scotland but as the Treaty of Union applies equally to England as it does to Scotland then it supersedes the 1701 Act of Settlement in England too.

To change the ban on catholics ascending to the Scottish and English thrones the Treaty of Union will have to be re-written.

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