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April 22, 2011


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These questions are taken from the Scots Independent Mogreb.

Wish I could claim them but they are great questions.


Saor Alba


Here are three questions we may want to put to our opponents:

To the Tories: If you really believe that it is a good thing for people to stand on their own two feet, why does that not apply to the Scots? (A non-racist argument would be appreciated.)

To Labour: If, as you led us all to believe between about 1947 and 1964, you are in favour of countries becoming independent and running their own affairs, why does that not apply to Scotland?

To everyone: Scotland and Norway are two small north-European countries that had the good fortune to discover huge amounts of oil off their shores in the 1960s.

Norway has used its revenues from oil to make massive improvements in its infrastructure, has created a fund for future generations that is worth billions and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Scotland has achieved none of these things.

Can you think of one difference between Norway and Scotland that can explain this?

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