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April 23, 2011


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the debate is set to last 1hr 45mins but will be broadcast for 1hr at 10:30 pm after a reporting scotland summary

This feels like a set up job! Can we have the terms of debate published like the uk general election debate.

RE Call Kaye's radio interview of Alex Salmond, at the beginning of this week she was asking for questions to put to Alex for Thursday (21st) . The interview didn't take place.
Is she putting it off to get more time to work on difficult questions for Alex.
I noticed that when Brewer interviewed Alex on News Nicht, Brewer had ditched his usual agressive style for a deadpan reading of questions. Every question was a trap, trying to get Alex to give Brewer and his mates Ammo to use against the SNP.
Tired though Alex was Brewer didn't get what he wanted. So is Kaye Adams needing more time to dig around in the dirt?

I'm going to the Perth gig. Probably will not have a bike with me. STV phoned yesterday to ask some questions about the 3 May one so I might be there too.

I'm going to be on a course in Govan on May 6th. If it all goes well I might drop into Subway in Union St. They open at 0800 and do a veggie breakfast... but it could be difficult to eat riding a bike.

Let's hope that someone can get a pre-edited version to compare the televised transcript. One does have question why the BBC are delaying broadcast when STV went live with there one.

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