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March 13, 2011


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Ah...! That's OK then, 'not presently'. So... Bahrain? Mozambique?

And, why then did we not act when China massacred students in Tianamen? Or when Russian massacred civilians in Chechnya? Or when Turkey bombed Kurdish villages (see Pilger)?

Stuff the UN 'mandate' - especially with Russia and China on the council What mandate was sought against the above abuses of human rights?

Or, are some repressed peoples more equal than others?

Hypocrisy and the SNP will lose votes over this.

What a silly comment.

It's a UN operation with full mandate - including the support of Russia and China who are not presently shooting amd bombing their own people.

Its a shame that Salmond is backing yet another 'Great' British exercise world policing. I'm sure that many SNP supporters will see through the hypocrisy of Cameron in 'standing up' to Gaddafi while ignoring China and Russia. I guess that size must matter?

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