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February 01, 2011


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As strange as such behaviour is for those of us with normal ethical standards to understand, the position for those unencumbered by any such sense of decency is very simple and straightforward.

Support for the British Union, especially Labour = The single best career move possible in Scotland.

By the simple expediency of abandoning any democratic instincts which might otherwise lead them to allow the electorate access to the truth then allow them to make their own mind up, they make themselves candidates for sinecured positions, positions often well above their level of competency.

And because of the basic level of intellect required of them to comport themselves in those positions, even though in many cases it is little more than the ability to raise themselves up on their hind legs, I find it impossible to believe that any of them do this without some awareness of the evil inherent in their acts.

I'm afraid the term 'Academic Freedom' in Scotland, has for some time now, been consigned to the same laughing ground as 'Press Freedom'.

I'm more concerned with how Adam Hart Davis seems not to have aged in all the time between the date of this picture (?1940s) and today. Seriously worrying.

Dear Joan - be prepared to be called "the Missus McCarthy" of US infamy - which is and was utter and extremely dangerous tosh for the many who didn't toe the line - the wild dogs are straining at the leash as we post!

What a nest of vipers we have to contend with to get democracy working in a free Scotland!

To think that the Hungarian Prime Minister has had to rewrite the press laws in his own image and likeness, at the cost of unease all over Europe, to achieve less than Labour gets for free here!

Well done Joan! Your earlier expose into the political affiliations of BBC Scotland's staffers and their Labour connections opened many eyes across Scotland and explained much about the biased editorial line from Pacific Quay.
Today's piece lifts a corner of the veil covering the workings much closer to the heart of government in Scotland. Daily we read of the influence of Oxbridge and England's public schools on Westminster's ruling elite. It looks like Labour's tentacles extend even deeper into public life in Scotland than most people imagined. I suspect than a forensic examination of the whole Quango system in Scotland and it's underlying political patronage would be very illuminating indeed.

Hi Joan

Thanks for another excellent and informative article as it highlights the importance to question who’s interests these ‘experts’ are actually representing.

I think most people just want balanced views so that they can consider what best for them and the future of Scotland. I don’t want to hear what I’m supposed to believe I want to hear what needs to be questioned. Sadly, the scrutiny of the Scotland Bill has failed miserably in this respect and I fear that it will damage the Parliament.

By the way, I hope you get elected into the Parliament, we need people of your calibre to keep things moving forward.

NOTE: I am not a member of the SNP just a normal punter who wants the best for Scotland.

Unbelievable. Well, almost. Academics, think tanks, politicians and the media, all conspiring together to stop progress being made in Scotland. The very people who should be informing the public of the true state of affairs in our country are all hell-bent on making sure people don't realise what a bum deal we get from the Union.

I just wonder if the last days before independence finally arrives will see fighter jets searing through Scottish skies, to try and remind the people who (Westminster) is still in charge?

Well said, Joan. One must also consider the political links of Peter Jones (married to Labour MSP, Rhona Brankin) who regularly appears on Newsnicht.

There is still something verging on a pro-Labour oligarchy among the talking heads employed by the BBC to talk down Scotland on a regular basis.

Alf Young has had a lot of airtime in recent years too, courtesy of Newsnicht. As always he is never a ray of sunshine when discussing the Scottish Government's policies.....

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