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February 16, 2011


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Can anyone tell me why the media stays so pro Brit nat?

We had the Sun on our side for a moment (til Blair did a deal with Murdoch) but the press and media stays Brit nat through and through, why?

I don't think if the race is tight that Labour would be stupid enough to put Gray up against Salmond but they are pretty stupid, so you never know.

It would be funny though if it were just the SNP, the tories, the Greens and the Libs, all the parties taking the p**h out of Gray in his absence would be hilarious. So maybe he will be forced to show his face.

Good luuck in May Joan, we're lucky to have you as a candidate.

Sent my first ever political donation today.

It was equivalent to 1/4 of a CarryFreedom bike trailer but I think it's worth it.

I'd still quite like a trailer though.

"The focus in the budget on apprenticeships for young people has stolen Labour's thunder and that party's decision to vote against its own key demand has lead normally favourable observers to queston its credibility."

Labour have no credibility on this matter!

Yes Joan - surely were going to have a leaders debate as per Westminster's?

Three debates over three weeks etc; purely for transmission in Scotland, on Scottish affairs for Scotland's Parliamentary election.

I think a leaders debate is very unlikely. The Newsnicht format of a Labour spokesperson in the studio and an SNP representative on a TV monitor with a background of the good ship Discovery is a proven reasonably safe format.
Should the BBC really become concerned for Labour over a live debate pre-recording "a set of questions" to the SNP also works well, with Labour live in the studio responding to the pre-recorded SNP.

certainly no room for complacency. The real significance of the poll I is that it reflects the fact that since the start of the year we are getting some clear messages across, and that is starting to work. Our challenge was to move the agenda back to Scotland. That was beginning to happen but this poll will really hasten that, which in turn benefits us because as soon as people look at what is best for Scotland, we come out top. The electorate is not stupid and can tell that we have done a good jobs on the stuff that mattters. But I predict our opponents could turn even nastier now so we need to stay focussed and positive and keep thinking of new ways to dominate the debate between now and May

Is it worth mentioning that Scottish unemployment has also gone down, completely the opposite trend to the rest of the UK?

These two events have got to be good news for the SNP.

Liked your piece on the front cover of the Scots Independent by the way.

Let's not get too excited. This doesn't surprise me though as not one of my friends has said they would change their vote. In fact we very nearly have the only labour voter coming round to our views.

Very promising and we've not even had the leaders debates yet ;-)

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