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February 21, 2011


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Forcing an innocent person to spend three days a week sitting next to Richard Baker, George Foulkes or Jackie Baillie is a cruel and unique form of punishment.

I think it's important to keep Labour compartmentalised. They've already succeeded in making some people believe their boorish, ignorant behaviour is common across all parties in Holyrood. If they were mixed in with everyone else they could promulgate this idea further.

No, keep them separate so that people can see them for what they are.

Not bad. Though, the further a seat is from central government the more central it should be while seated!! I.e it is Edinburgh on the periphery not Shetland.

It may not make for good copy Joan, but there are some interesting geographical groupings of MSPs that transcend party lines, and allow them to be quite grown up when away from the TV lights. Highlands and Islands MSP's of all hues have no problems of acting together (albeit often under the radar) on issues facing the North.

And the best time to grab a quick word is to catch the 7:55 Inverness to Edinburgh Train on a Tuesday morning, wander into first class and you will find Labour, SNP, Lib Dems and Tory reps all sitting together (or at least in nearby seats) chatting, reading the papers (P&J mainly) and sharing the crack.

All quite civilized, and as it should be.

Makes me think back to school dances, girls lined up on one side of the gym boys on the opposite. "Take your partners for a ...". Mad rush by the boys to dance with the snazzy wee(redhead?).
The hard part was that there always were wallflowers, and I suppose that if this was adopted at Holyrood for each day's seating there would be wallflowers too. I'll resist predicting on probables.

That'd be a wonderful idea - if nothing else it would be symbolic of the new, consensus-based politics that Holyrood has yet to deliver. If you are elected in May (and I hope you are), is there a mechanism for you suggesting this?

Oooh, I do like that idea. Help make them act like adults

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