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January 05, 2011


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Oh Dearie Dearie Spoonsy

I cannae hack people who think that the wishes of a small select minority have more weight due to the companies that they head/represent, lets face it would the heads of these companies be able to survive without dipping in to the public purse or pressurising governments to give then breaks that wouldn't be given to smaller companies.

The CBI is a small group of large companies that benefit from maintaining the status quo and not what is in the best interests of Scotland


CBI? The Confederation of British Industry - or what isleft of it - has no justification in offering opinion on anything. UK has dropped from 4th place in the world's productive nations table 25 years ago to about 20th at the last examination. CBI Scotland represents little of what is left of Scottish Industry and even less of Scottish business.

I think SPOONSY should go and read Calum's article in Newsnet Scotland before making his comment.

The CBI in Scotland is miniscule at less than 0.1% of businesses here and CBI UK is waffling about 24,000 businesses backing them - what a nicely trite round figure - Go figure SPOONSY!

CBI in Scotland is grossly un-representative and to be included in the Calman Commission tells it all!

Thanks Joan, much appreciated, I just poked around a bit.
I don't mind people having political views that oppose mine, we need debate to move the country forward, but I do object to the construction of a media pulpit garlanded by false impressions and founded on a half-truth - that serves no-one well.

Oh Dear. Oh Dearie, dearie me.

Even a casual glance at that list shows substantial representation from the bluest of blue chip companies in Scotland.

Ok - the CBI might not represent the majority of Scottish business. But any organisation that counts RBS, Clydesdale Bank, the Wier Group and the Scottish Whiskey Association in their ranks carries a bit of clout.

Afraid this post is the perfect example of why I cannae hack SNP supporters - they just can't take criticism. It's either a politically motivated attack, or it's 'aw a media conspiracy'.

Perhaps some time for reflection is in order?

Joan, I noticed Calum's blog via FB last night and 'shared' it hoping others would do the same. It seems the best way to quickly publicise information like this. I am so pleased you have highlighted this in your blog. This MacMillan fella with his condescending mock report card seems to be given a platform he nor his org. doesnt merit and ritually abuses for his own ends. Your expose on BBC Scotland practices was also enlightening. Its this sort of injustice and abuse that prompted me into becoming active in the SNP rather than just voting. Gavin

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