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January 05, 2011


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So Sad. My favourite tune of his was a wee two minute track off his first solo album ('Can I Have My Money Back' - not a commercial success) called 'Where I Belong'.

I couldn't find it on youtube so I've uploaded it myself.

CIHMMB was the last album I bough before going to uni and couldn't afford another for 4 years. It got well played in my student flats over these years making many converts.

Michael Caine 2 bottles of Vodka a day in his early career now just drinks wine with his meals. True artists are creators and we cannot understand the turmoil within their minds to make them artists. Enjoy what they produce rather than criticise how they use 'drugs'.

Hamish, Rafferty's alcoholism was well known and a personal tragedy. I do not know enough about him as an individual to speculate on his relationship with drink. Best stick to what one knows, which was the music and what it meant to me personally. He was an artist, not a politician or a "leader" and like many artists he was troubled. We can still praise his talent. It takes all kinds to make a world..or a country...

This blog did not set it to be soley a campaigning thing. It's individual to me and reflects all my interests - cultural, political and personal.

Joan - It appears Gerry Rafferty's early death was self-inflicted through alcohol abuse. Why not mention that? Why not investigate the links between the colonised Scot and the self-destructive life they follow instead of confronting their condition? Why praise the weak when our country needs the strength and leadership of real men?

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