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January 19, 2011


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A great post, waves of support may flow back and forth on the beach but eventually a tide of confidence will come all the way in! the unionists are fighting a losing battle. "Dont vote labour because of your father, Vote SNP because of your children".
"Will you vote with your head up? or your hand out?. hows that for a couple of good slogans for may!

Joan - a tale worth telling, well told. If I had read this piece about your converting Mr Kane before spouting forth on LPW's site, i might have been more careful! Seriously, though, I would still be interested in your views on why women are more pressured into anglicisation: then maybe we can see what we can all do to combat these pressures.


"We got a Scottish parliament because of the rise of the SNP, no other reason."

I do not think that is true. Part of the reason is because the Council of Europe were breathing down the UKs neck. Much of which is discussed on RealmOfScotland website.

How much of the story is fully accurate is hard to say but having had some exchanges with Dr. James Wilkie I am inclined to agree that Labour was forced to deliver the referendum when they did.

Oops, didn't complete final sentence: Why was it reported as if it had been voted down in the SP by Tories and LibDems without mentioning that Labour also voted against it?

Great article, Joan. When people are given the facts (and that has to be done against a background of a very hostile mainstream media that seems to adopt a policy of not reporting anything that shows Labour in a bad light), they see that they have been lied to over decades by those with a Londoncentric agenda. Labour relies on people remaining ignorant of their skullduggery.

labour might be able to control the press and they certainly seem to tell BBC Scotland what to report, but they can't control the internet.

Why did BBC Scotland report on the alcohol pricing proposals for England and Wales and say that it was voted down by the tories and Lib dems

Particularly the hearts and minds of our mothers, aunts, sisters, you might think...


As a a female list candidate for the SNP, what's your thoughts on another aspect of that poll - i.e. the gender gap in voting intentions for SNP between men and women - it seems quite substantial and if it could be addressed, pivotal for the SNP.

Any ideas why it should so marked a difference, and what can be done to improve it?

Hi Joan

Good post. It’s always important to keep things in context and that’s what you’ve exactly done.

Independence is nearer that a lot of people think.

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