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December 01, 2010


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Glow might have a lot to offer primary kids but, having looked at it, it's fairly patchy for secondary pupils.

Well nobody else in this street seemed to get out unless they were walking. Even I had to haul my trike to the main road. Once it was out of the estate where the snow is a foot deep and has not been gritted or ploughed the trike out performed the cars.

I'm no particular fan of Glasgow city council. In particular, if they had come out with their decision an hour earlier I'd have saved an hour and half of travel. Why they made this decision I don't know. The last time they closed schools was in early '96 when there was some snow.

Most of my colleagues use cars so if they can't get their cars to move then it's hard for them to get places. This is something they share with most people in the UK. I've been told many times that nobody can cycle to their work in Scotland because it's too wet, too hilly and the traffic is too dangerous.

Some teaching staff might think pupils would find it difficult to accept if they arrived at school on a bike. Cars are a status symbol for many people. Obviously I undermine this a little.

Schools are generally outwith the city centre so public transport isn't a great way to get there People will work near their house, school cleaners for example who work split shifts, or in the town centre. Teaching staff need to get from a residential area to another residential area which isn't impossible but they often find it difficult. I have spent years showing people that there are other ways to get around but. well, would you be out cycling today?

I really wasn't on a bike today, in this weather I use a machine with three wheels. Bikes aren't good on ice unless you have spiked tyres and if the snow slows you down you fall over. If we keep getting this kind of weather then I'll fit spikes onto a mountain bike.

Anywho, tomorrow is another day and I might be on a bike but it looks like the trike again. If the snow keeps falling as it is here just now I might get sent home again.

This seems a sensible solution to the present problems.

Well done you and your wee bike. But if you could do it why not your colleagues? And if the council was really concerned about staff travelling why not text you the night before? A shambles...

I got to work... in a Glasgow school just after 0800 and found it was shut. There were about 4 staff there. I turned round and cycled 8 miles home.

Road conditions were worse than Monday or Tuesday but since I wasn't in a car it made little difference. Motorised traffic wasn't moving but I was.

Not on a folding bike today, it was a two wheel drive limited slip diff Longstaff tricycle.

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