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December 11, 2010


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Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying

up stitch

they really are pushing through the envelope of the democratic process and. don't seem to see that or care.

Blinkered, bellicose and blethering and buggered

Labour wrote the Calman Recommendations even though all three unionist parties were in the Commission and it's now been presented as a Lib-Dem Tory Bill.

The idea that any one of the three junior regional wings of these parties are going to give the bill a hard time or be critical of the way it has been drafted or who is appointed to advise Holyrood is laughable. They will do as they are told.

"...who's idea was it to bring him in?"

It was probably agreed between all three unionist parties at a level well above the regional wings and I'm sure Goldie and Scott as regional managers for the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems will be happy about it as will Gray as the Holyrood Office Manager for Labour.

As far as the unionist parties are concerned the Holyrood Committee is just for rubber-stamping anything presented by Westminster.

Would the answer to your last question be: Wendy Alexander? The person who thought up the Calman Commission and who will chair the Holyrood Committee examining the Bill?

Or would the answer be her former boss and mentor: Gordon Brown?

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