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November 25, 2010


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You are right that there is a valid question as to how much the treasury can legitimately charge us computer upgrades.

If John Swinney had been remotely competent he would have made it publicly & soughtthe support of the other parties. It seems he didn't even seek the support of the rest of the SNP cabinet. This strongly argues he didn't have a clue & that Salmond's post facto claims that there was a deliberate decision to get rid of Scotland's main economic power are untrue.

It will be interesting to see if the unionist opposition now demand that John Swinney pay HMRC the £7 Million that HMRC want to actually implement the, "Tartan Tax".

If he was wrong to refuse the demand for payment in July why is it right to ignore the demand for payment now? If all the unionist parties regard the £7 Million payment as too much to pay perhaps they should give a vote of thanks to John for refusing to pay the demand in July. Is this a cost they are going to try and vote into the next budget or was all that shouting and hysteria from the likes of T. Scott just a lot of hot air?

Since the Scottish Secretary has breached the confidentiality of the negotiations between HMRC and the Scottish Government already the SG should simply publish all the correspondence between HMRC and the SG as they did with Megrahi.

They should also make public all correspondence between the SG, the Westminster Government and HMRC on any costs which HMRC will try and recover from the Scottish block grant for administering the Calman tax proposals.

The debate was appalling. Gray was absolutely dreadful. (Can anyone believe he was on the Politician of the Year shortlist? I'm still trying to figure out why!!) The man is cringe-worthy. As for Kerr's performances this week on NN Scotland! He was outrageous. Called Alex Neill a liar! And here's the killer. There is not one of these eejits who would dare to even suggest to Scots that we might want to pay 3p in the pound more on our existing tax bills. In which case I think it was extremely sensible to let HMRC stew instead of stumping up millions for something we aren't going to use.

"pre-prepared spontaneous hysteria". Love it Lassie!

Once again, coming back from just a few days overseas, I find the Scottish political scene very depressing. I admire people like John Swinney for their perseverence against all the nonsense, and worse, that they must put up with. Personally, and as more of a cultural nationalist than anything else, I'm increasingly inclined to withdraw from the political cause and focus on more positive ways to promote and defend Scotland against British rule.

@Hamish cost of administration would equal tartan tax in first year

"The tartan tax is so small, that some estimate the cost of implementing it would cancel out any money it raised."

The non-Scots. Careers built on an identity they denounce at every turn. Hypocrisy beyond belief.

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