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November 08, 2010


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Outrageous! As a supporter from afar of Independence (and one wanting very much to relocate in order to help!), I found this report very illuminating and, well, galvanizing, as it were. Scotland's capacity for independent rule is obvious to outside observers - those who take the time to investigate the matter at least. That a country as resilient and rich in resources (human and natural) is constantly told how awful and poor and poorly equipped it is to handle it's own affairs is to be mild, boggling. Thank you for your well-written editorial and research.


Thought this in the Irish Times was a useful balancing perspective on whether Ireland might still be a good example for Scotland.

The UK is listed as 26th compared to Ireland's 5th and I have no doubt Scotland's indicators would currently be worse than the UK figures - it certainly is in terms of life expectancy and per capita GNI.

looks like the derbyshire savers are doing better than those waiting for UK gov and Equitable Life payouts.... but regardless of these individaul points in the finance sector surely there are a myriad of points on self government Scotland can learn from Man

Forgive me Joan, I thought with your title 'resilient economy' you may be interested to know a little of its recent history.

I think they fear that by giving the same powers to Scotland it would lead to those Scots who constantly vote for the unionist parties seeing what Scotland is capable of and they gain the confidence to opt for independence.

Giving Scotland full fiscal autonomy would put the lie to the myths that the unionists have propagated over the years that we are too poor, too small and incapable of running our own affairs. However, it may be worth while for the SNP to hold the IoM up as an example in the same way as they do so with Norway.

With respect Subrosa the argument is not to "be like" the Isle of Man or anywhere else. The point is that the Isle of Man is trusted to be autonomous while Scotland is told that the equivalent powers are inappropriate for us because we are too small and poor. I hope we would have regulated our banks better than them - and the City of London for that matter.

Oh Joan. Never believe what you read in press releases.

Would you feel proud if Scotland left 11,000 UK citizens broke including members of the Derbyshire Building Society who are having to wait until 2017 until they receive 80% of their savings?

Have a look at the struggle of these people, quite a few who are Scots but many were unable to open a bank account in the UK because they work outside it.

The behaviour of the Isle of Mann has been a disgrace from the very beginning and they've thwarted every attempt by these 11,000 savers to reclaim their life savings.

So I don't want Scotland to be taking any tips from the IoM. I want my country to have a good and fair reputation for their financial dealings.

At last someone else has seen that the Isle of Mann should be used as an example for Scotland.

to be linguistically correct it should really be Mann

...and clearly they don't suffer from the scourge of political correctness or else they would have changed the name of their island to the Isle of Person.

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