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November 30, 2010


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Country codes are assigned on two letter domain.
au - Australia
nz - New Zealand.
dd - East Germany (never used)

and so on.

So Scotland should push for a tld rather than a .sco/.scot
Given that sc,st,so etc are taken perhaps we should use .ab for Alba?
The only other competitor might be Alberta in Canada?

I like .scot after thinking about it.

Few places can have their designation spelt out in a short domain name into the bargain.

I definitely would get a few.

This is also worth passing on.

I'd have preferred it if they kept to sco rather than scot but the important thing is to get a top level domain. Of course the Labour/LibDem coalition government at Holyrood pre-2007 wouldn't back it, a nother good example of their role in suppressing our nationhood to at least manageable levels.

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