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November 19, 2010


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"Did Mr Moore think these rather important details wouldn't come out?"

Well if he did he was almost right. The letter from Mr Salmond has not been afforded anything like the same prominence as the letter from the Scottish Sec.

I'm off out on my bike for a few hours.

I have just sent a furious letter to the Herald and copied it to the Gannett Corporation in US which owns the Herald.
If I do not receive what I consider to be an adequate response I will write directly to their MD Craig Dubow. I have found in the past that Gannett takes issues and complaints seriously and I would encourage others to contact the comapny direct. Its contact details are readily available on its many websites.

It's interesting that the BBC - who were quick to break the story yesterday evening - have yet to update their article to reflect the truth. Also, despite having time in the 15 minute long lunchtime news to cover the story, BBC Scotland somehow didn't have time to run an updated version in the half hour Reporting Scotland after Salmond's letter was released to the media. The result? Anyone who saw the lunchtime news is left thinking the SNP willfully or incompetently let our only tax varying power go to waste, and anyone who didn't has no idea that our Scottish Secretary of State is either an incompetent fool who writes letters to the media before checking his facts, or is a conniving git who has willfully tried to smear the Government.

Either way, it shouldn't be up to the MacBlogosphere to try and tell people the truth. Then again, what can you expect from a corporation that says Scottish questions are not allowed on a programme filmed in Scotland in front of a Scottish audience, but Welsh questions are allowed in Wales in front of a Welsh audience?

Good post also from James Kelly here at Scot Goes Pop

This is the bit that needs to be highlighted -

"your letter was not about the cost of financial powers that are going to be superseded, but rather about establishing a precedent for the Scottish Government paying to instal and administer the Calman tax proposals"

btw Beeb seems to have changed its mind, and now accepts links to your blog again.

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