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October 27, 2010


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Joan. Re - buying the Scotsman. This has a slightly eerie aspect to it as I was thinking not only might I start buying the Scotsman on the day your column is published but I would make a point of informing the Scotsman itself (editors/owners?) why I have started buying it now and on only that day. Indeed, I was thinking a 'campaign' on those lines might encourage them if there was palpable increase in sales. More generally, it does seem as if the Scotsman has become a bit more moderate in its coverage of Scottish politics, less viscerally hostile to the SNP. Perhaps it's just a passing phase though.

Quote, "no Scottish media at all?" Is this the ultimate aim of the few who control it? Those who follow them blindly are simply and eventually putting themselves out of a job. Scottish identity means Scottish careers.

Commentary is one thing Joan - editorial quite another.
We're invited to take issue with the former, aware that it's merely subjective.
The latter is presented as objective reality - simple reportage of the actuality.
Diverse commentary compensates for propogandising editorial no more than a decent letters page.

Re buying The Scotsman. I must take issue with you. The paper has made an attempt to expand the commentary section to offer a variety of voices. I don't agree with them all - but George Kerevan and myself are there, and Gerry Hassan who, though politically non aligned, is certainly no fan of Labour or the present constitutional arrangements. And there are now plenty of features and news stories about cultural and news events in Scotland. It has become more focussed on Scotland and better in the last year or so and I would urge you to have another look, even by buying it one Wednesday when I write. If you still think it is not for you then fine, but give it a go. Scotland's media does not reflect the balance of opinion in the country. I would like all the media to take a line that puts Scotland first instead of defending the union automatically - but do you want no Scottish media at all? That is the danger, we have very few places for public discourse on Scottish matters as it is.

Joan, good as your comments are nothing would induce me to give one penny to The Scotsman it is no more than an English owned propaganda sheet, totally biased and cheap sneery tabloid journalism, present company excepted. A wifie in Morrisons tried to get me to buy the SOS there on Sunday for £1. I had a nice wee chat to her and told her that I would not even hing it behind the lavvy door. I have stopped buying newspapers now and just read the blogs and Reuters and a few other News channels.

I see even the utterly New Labour biased BBC gave this subject air space on Newsnicht the other night, is the message finally percolating through? God knows there is enough evidence now, that Scotland cannot any longer afford the Union as it has damaged us, but we are not beyond repair. What ever people may think of Alex Salmond a strong vote for him and the SNP next May will send shock waves through Westminster. No Torys here.

But when we live in the UK sandwiched between Qatar and Chile in the corruption perception index is it any wonder.

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