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October 15, 2010


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Great pics of the Belties lassie and bring back the marketing boards ASAP. Greed, as in all things, will lead to destruction of all we cherish. Look at the post from Scunnart above "farmers are the labourers who meet quota or lose the farm". Let us swear that this will never happen here and let's start talking about "strategic" interests (like ensuring a core food industry here) instead of the usual "there's a quick buck grab it". We need to ensure a healthy farming economy and the development of the artisan, farmers markets and specialised meat, fish, and plant production will be key in that. I'd never sneer at Tesco et al as they have brought me a range of food, drink and commodities, that in my lifetime has been simply fantastic. However, not at the price of screwing farmers and our (any) producers, into the deck! I want my cake, decently, socially and responsibly produced and paid for, so I can enjoy eating it.

There is no world food shortage.

The demand for food will rise exponentially with a rising population, as will its price. Monoculture and GMO's is modern farming - huge fields with one genetically modified crop - huge machines to harvest - it's industrialized. Losing a foot of topsoil per year - Monsanto understands your problems and will offer a solution.

Farms in North America are now corporations. Whereas a generation ago we had families making a living off of a hundred acres now they need a thousand. Contracts with the big canaries - Libby's. Campbell's etc ... is what keeps these folks afloat.

The town I live in used to have two major caning factories now they have none. This is prime farmland - you can grow just about anything here. But prices are set in Chicago and decisions are made in boardrooms. Farmers are an anachronism in the real corporate world. Farms are factories that produce a commodity - farmers are the labourers who meet quota or lose the farm.

And the "food" they produce is garbage.

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