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October 03, 2010


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Quote "You'd never guess from English language television and newspapers, but traditional music is experiencing a renaissance."

Totally agree. It's not a new thing. Scotlands premier celtic band "RUNRIG" get virtually no coverage on bbc radio Scotland's celtic music programmes.
However I've heard they get regular air time on BBC radio nan gael. So the young people in the central belt aren't getting to hear their culture in a modern format. Why is there NO traditional scottish music on bbc radio scotland during day time,(Tom Morton could play the occasional trad piece). Why is Trad Scottish music only to be heard on specialist shows put out in the evening on radio scotland. Why is there not a weekly TV slot for trad scottish music.
The only reason I've heard of the Corries is that I'm old enough to have heard them on the Telly decades ago (They had their own show on a Saturday night on the BBC) . I first came across Runrig on the world service and that was decades ago too.
It's not just the BBC who are at it, as you point out there's no coverags of Scottish Trad. music in any of the English language media in Scotland. So it's across the board.
The effects of this long lasting BBC policy (copied by the rest of the Scottish media) is to keep Scots ignorant of their culture. Now why would the Scottish media want to do that.

Great stuff. I spent a week at Sabhal Mor Ostaig on Skye this summer and was similarly impressed by the amount of enthusiastic young talent it is producing.

Fabulous channel.

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