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September 17, 2010


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It is a pity they do not know more important things like the truth! Like Christianity is just a big rip-off of the ancient pagan religions especially the Egyptian one. That Jesus is just a myth, an exact copy of the Egyptian sun god Horus, that the Virgin Mary is an exact copy of the Egyptian virgin mother of Horus, Isis-Mery. That John the Baptist is an exact copy of the Egyptian Anup the Baptiser etc, etc, etc.

They should know that the cross with a crucified figure on it has nothing to do with Christianity but was a pagan symbol used for thousands of years before it too was stolen by the Christians.

They should know that their religion is all about worshiping the Sun - that is why they worship on a Sunday. That it is all to do with the Sun traveling through the Zodiac - Jesus representing the two fish, Piscies and that he will be followed by a man bearing a pitcher of water, Aquarius.

They should know that they are being lied to and conned by men who know all this but are quite happy to fleece the people of their money in order for them to live the easy life at their brainwashed expense.

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