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September 10, 2010


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and it doesn't take long for anyone with an internet connection (or a basic knowledge of UK politics during the 20th century), to work out that the conservative vote dropped dramatically following the 2nd world war - giving clement atlee the landslide labour win that saw the introduction of (amongst other things) the NHS.

the film is not concerned with "nationalism" or the "nationalist vote", but with scotland's right to self determination through the regaining of its independence.

much of what you've said regarding the tory/snp voting figures is correct, but extremely misleading. the non-tory votes the film refers to are not necessarily pro-independence votes, they are merely non tory. the tories took 16.7% of the vote at the last election, 1% more than in 2005 - and yet here we are with a tory government. that's the point, the SNP vote is irrelevant.

also, whilst precious few heroes is by no means a "pro-SNP" film - it's worth pointing out - if only for fairness' sake - the "N" in SNP stands for "National", not "Nationalist".

It's fantastic that the crux of the argument comes in the final few minutes of this video, where the narrator asserts that Margaret Thatcher's '79 Election Victory was completely out of sync with the Scottish vote... it doesn't take long for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to figure out that large swathes of Scotland voted Tory in '79, and even that the Westminster Conservative vote in Scotland today doesn't lag far behind the Nationalist vote. The Nationalists' vilification of Thatcher is quite ridiculous. As for David Butler's quote about Glasgow - you only have to look as far as England to see that even in this year's Election the large cities seem to vote differently to the rest of the country, with many constituencies in and around London, Birmingham, Newcastle, etc (to name a few) voting Labour. Then of course there was the little section on the British Empire, as if it were some evil, foreign war machine. Well, quite the contrary: The British Empire was so called because it was an Empire forged by Britain - including Scotland, of course! And then there's the fact that 'Scotland fought alongside England in the Second World War'. Well, actually Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish men fought alongside each other in the British army during World War II, the understanding of which is overwhelming shown by the huge Conservative and Unionist vote in the post war period.

Of course, by the very nature of my understanding of politics, I appreciate the concerns and beliefs of those who follow the Scottish Nationalist Party's (and other pro-independence parties') line, and I know I'll probably be attacked for being a horrible Unionist - but I only wanted to voice my point of view on the final few minutes of this video.

You'll probably also ask, why I'm even on this blog too. And the answer is, quite simply, because I'm very proud to be Scottish, and was just killing some time doing some Googling of some Scottish topics. I'm certainly not one of those people who don't think that we Scots have the capacity to rule ourselves, and I don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything along those lines - even though it seems to be a favourite Nationalist line.

But that is, of course, just my opinion - and that's the thing about politics, isn't it?

Unfortunately elefant, we have become a risk-averse nation. We're now at the stage where, if we stick our heads out the door and the wind ruffles our hair, we think the pragmatic thing to do is crouch in a corner in the foetal position. This attitude is, of course, encouraged.

Love Campbell Christies denunciation of Calman!
Pity that at Spring Conference the YSI ( or was it the FSN ?) managed to get a motion passed in favour of our acceptance of Calman - with the lack of any opposition from the NEC who had approved a statement days before denouncing the Calman proposals!

You gotta take risks in order to win.

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