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August 11, 2010


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Hugh McCartney absolutely trounced Reid fair and square. What complete rubbish to attribute Reid coming THIRD to some type of Catholic diktat.
Jimmy Reid was a good man and a great orator. He did extremely well to poll nearly 6,000 votes. But 10,000 en bloc Catholics did not stop him from becoming an MP.

Bull, but not of the papal variety!

The University of Glasgow have made available Jimmy's rectorial address in printed form. Nae joy finding the audio or video recording unfortunately.

Shame he didn't get more exposure in recent years, or choose to be more exposed. He had enough stature and gravitas not to be ignored by the media (or is that naive of me?). Although, you get the feeling that JR's move towards nationalism was perhaps as a consequence of repulsion from Scottish Labour complacency, inertia and malice, rather than a positive embracing of nationalism. In any case, he seemed like a good man. Whether or not he really bought into the merits of Scottish Independence, he was an independent Scot. If only more of us were.

Yes,the Catholic Church asked its members not to vote for Jimmy and rightly so. At that time he represented the Communist Party. This Party at the time was persecuting Christians all over Europe, as a delibarate act of policy and athiestic philosophy.Jimmy himself saw through Communism not very much longer after that.

I also found the BBC's coverage depressing, i wonder if Newsnight will be any better?

The 'no bevvying' speech was important but not because it sounds funny if you suffer Caledonian Cringe, but because the world really was looking at us - and - after Paris - the idea of turning a sit-in into a work in was revolutionary.

I expect most of the Scottish media to retreat into appalling self-parody rather than be able to reflect on a complex and important character.

Arguably the more important speech is the one reprinted an the NYT we link to

masterful. Sadly a rare figure in the politics of today but by God, you struggle to not rally behind a man that can speak like that. Rest In Peace.

Yes, we thought about describing Jimmy's famous speech as 'Martin Luther King-esque' but bottled out.

I wish we hadn't, for it really is an inspirational moment in Scottish political history.

Visit to read a couple more tributes to Jimmy Reid.

Oh, BBC Scotland described him this morning as "former communist and SNP member".

Says it all about BBC Scotland really.

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