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August 08, 2010


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Good for Alan Cochrane...must be the first time I've ever actually agreed with anything he's ever written. I have to fight the instinct to dispute his byline.

Now Dave Cameron is behind minimum pricing. I expect that in the near future Iain Gray, the ridiculous opportunist, will be so isolated on this issue that he will look even more stupid than usual.

What a hoot! Apparently some people can do what these dozy labour (north British branch) types can't bring themselves to

Craig, it has always been about London based careers, not the greater good. All the way back to 1603 if the truth be known.

For political reasons the opposition parties in the Scottish parliament do not want, and have never wanted, anything that the Scottish government does, or has done, to succeed.

Minimum pricing is not a perfect solution and it cannot be the only solution to the drink problem that makes Scotland a bad place to start a business and increasingly a bad place to live. People need to be educated about the dangers of drink, and they need to see what it’s like to die of liver disease

I say that, with a sunset clause, give it a chance. It has to be an improvement... and at 50p it's not going to break the "sensible" "middle class" drinker we are all hearing so much about.

I’m not sure I’ve met any in Scotland.....

As the late great Terry Thomas would have said - "what an absolute shower"

Is it really about careers in UK parties? That is quite frightening if correct.

With regard to your last sentence.

What do you suggest we do?

Any thoughts?


have to some unionists devolution is an anoyance to be ridiculed and belittled when ever possble.what became of scottish solutions to scottish problems.there are some,not just polititions, who would say black if the s.n.p. white.they should take a look at themselves and see how silly this looks to the outside world.or maybe thats what some want.

Aye, my jaw fair hit the floor when I saw Cochrane's article. He's always been so dogmatically opposed to everything the SNP suggest that I couldn't believe he'd change his tune.

Of course, it would be churlish to suggest that perhaps he's finally realised that constant oppositionism is actually damaging the unionists' cause.

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