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August 19, 2010


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Dear Joan

Your piece made me very proud, as it would Dad. Thank you.

Eileen Reid (Jimmy's daughter)

Thank you for sharing this Joan. I have to say, if anyone hits the spots that need hitting in Scotland's political culture these days, as Jimmy did so unerringly, it's yourself. As a Depute Headteacher, I couldn't agree more about the need for today's young Scots to be enlightened by Jimmy's unique communication of what matters. Was pleased to start our staff's new session with an iconic photo of Jimmy at UCS and the quote: REAL FULFILMENT FOR ANY PERSON LIES IN SERVICE TO
HIS FELLOW MEN AND WOMEN. Not a bad motif for educators in these times. Thanks again.

Is the Connolly mentioned Billy Connolly? There's no first name mentioned at the first reference.

Here is an excellent account from The Herald's Hugh Macdonald a writer for whom I have utmost respect

This piece is Joan at her very best.I used occasionally to say 'hello Jimmy' at SNP conferences and he would say 'hello' back as if you were a lifelong mate. That is just how he was.

Difficult when they are brainwashed by TV and media from outwith.

Thanks Mike in answer to your question no I didn't go to Haggs Castle I thought that was really for friends and family. However I noted the family saying that all members of the public were welcome in the church. It was indeed a privilege to attend and write about

Must have been a privilege to attend today.
Your account is first-class, so thanks for sharing some thoughts so speedily.
Have had a copy of Reid's speech (thanks to The Herald under new editor, Jonathan Russell) on my desk all week) and it is quite astonishing.
Did you have a sausage roll, too?

Jimmy shook my hand once a few years ago, asked how I was. He seemed a nice bloke. I was impressed by his genuine manner and friendliness.

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