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July 17, 2010


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I simply fail to understand the apparent allergy some people have to being British.

That is our flag, what's the problem? We are blessed with a far richer and more diverse heritage than many countries. Plenty of that belongs to Scotland and plenty of that is shared with our friends across the UK. Visitors to Edinburgh can hardly have any doubt what the Scottish flags look like if they happen to stroll up the Royal Mile. The Saltire is not under-represented in the capital.

The debate for Scottish seperation is a valid debate, but for now Scotland is a member of a bigger family and is the richer for it. Why hide that? Are we a proud nation or ashamed of what we have?

I agree wholeheartedly with you on this. There is no good reason for keeping the 'other' flag flying over the castle.

There is only one flag that should fly from Edinburgh castle, and that is the Scottish flag, the Saltire.

Have to say, I agree with others posting that the army use the saltire when it suite them - like when recruiting Scottish laddies to go and die in afghanistan.

Not sure if you have noticed, but within the last week, they have put a new flag up on the castle - it looks like it is maybe three times larger the the last one - it is HUGE. Maybe they are feeling irked by the petition.


Not sure how I feel about this one. If the coachloads of Labour voting lads in full Highland dress merrily making their way around Scotland's Capital to weddings, rugby matches etc see it they might feel it's a step too far.......and start wearing suits and jeans again. :O)

There was a time when flying the Union flag rather than the Saltire might have been appropriate - when it was predominantly a military establishment, including a barracks. This is no longer the case, the castle is no longer a barracks. It is now predominantly a Scottish national establishment housing the Scottish National War Memorial, Scotland's National War Museum, the Honours of Scotland and the 'Stone of Destiny', as well as having been a royal palace and meeting place for parliament when Scotland was an independent state. The saltire is a more appropriate flag for such a place.

You are perfectly entitled to your opinion but it is strange that the Army fly the union flag here but prefer to use the saltire in material aimed at recruiting young Scots...

From a tourism point of view the saltire would be more appropriate. All the historical associations of the castle that draw people to visit relate to Scottish history, not the British project. Personally I do not think of inclusiveness and enlightenment when I see the union flag. It reminds me of intolerance and imperialism. The Saltire, like the Cross of St George, is an altogether different, non aggressive sympol of national pride.

I won't be signing. I am very happy to see the union flag on the top of the castle. Apart from denoting the presence of the Army in the heart of the capital, to me the flag is an inspiring reminder of the fact that we are part of a country of nations and the heart of enlightenment in the . The city is bedecked with saltires and a grand sight they are too, but it depresses me slightly to think that there are nationalists who feel threatened by the sight of the flag flying proudly.

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