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July 14, 2010


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Aye Mark, but don't worry, labour will protect us.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Nurse, the screens, quickly now!

We have approximately a third of the potential of Europe's renewable energy off our coast. We were promised free electricity when they flooded our glens for hydro power, they don't even offer us that now, they charge us more to put our power onto the grid!
So the Tiger gas field just West of Shetland opens to no acclaim whatsoever, the biggest discovered in years in the Northern hemisphere. Huge areas of the North Sea are opened to new exploration with significant finds predicted, and we are preparing for the worst cuts seen since Maggie. "Aye we'd be knackered if we were running our own affairs" says Westminster, and the put-upon, brainwashed, pummelled, Sun readers and,(amazingly enough) Scotsman readers, believe every word.
Go to Leighton Buzzard, Framlington-on-Sea, ArseEnd of nowhere in England, and watch them switch on their gas central heating while we pay through the nose for electricity generated here, petrol pumped from here, calor gas extracted from here, and look wishfully down south as they tell us they're subsidising us, as we watch the gas flow past us while we freeze with our Total Control storage heaters.

Don't mind if you don't publish this Joan, had a few and a bit angry! x

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