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July 23, 2010


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RE Joe Kane
I don't think Oxbridge comes into it, I think it is the new & default position for the UK government to brown nose whoever is in charge of the white house. Also, I think it is scandalous that both administrations complain openly about the compassionate release when if reports are to believed then both of the previous administration were helping BP get their oil. Thus further proving Dara's point

The only way forward is for all of us to call for a full independent Inquiry into Lockerbie from start to finish. Many international figures are already doing so. This is bigger than any blog site, bigger than any political Party and, most of all, bigger than Party-politics. Here's a thought, Thatcher was PM at the time of Lockerbie. She didn't even mention it in her memoirs. She also refused to meet with bereaved relatives after Lockerbie. She started the deceit. The Scottish Government has the opportunity to stand away from the governments who have backed that approach ever since and demand a full independent Inquiry into Lockerbie from start to finish. There is on record still the findings of the SCCRC saying Megrahi's conviction may have been unsafe. Those who ignore that in favour of Party politics insult the dead as much as the politicians who have sought to bury the truth about Lockerbie. And their sad wee "Let's defend Kenny" posts suggest they have missed the whole point entirely.

The biggest issue for those who care a jot about justice is the truth behind Lockerbie. I find it sad that so many are being distracted by this latest hoo-hah involving the US. UK Politicians were a huge part in covering up the truth, the Scottish Judiciary, more than anyone, played their part in delaying an appeal by Megrahi which the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission included grounds that suggested a miscarraige of justice could have occurred. In plainspeak that means we jailed the wrong guy! I am sad this matters so little to many commentators including those who claim to write about "Megrahi, the Media and the Myths". For when such a title excludes the myths behind Megrahi's original conviction there is something very wrong. The truth about Lockerbie isn't about defending the SNP approach, the Labour approach or the Tory approach. It is bigger than all of them put together.

Perhaps our friends across the pond should remember the Iranian airbus their countrymen shot down a few years ago. Or is it one rule for the USA...?

That begs the question Takhisis1,
did the BP lobby use its influence to nobble the UK Government to get it to denounce the Scottish Government or does it just come naturally to the Oxbridge-London elite to suck up to the Yanks?

See today's Herald (Glasgow) editorial -
US should examine its own conscience
24 Jul 2010

Pseudipigrapha has another searing front page they don't want us to see -
Hootsmom Headlines
Fri 23 Jul 2010

To cite Dara from Mock the Week, it is clear that "the UK government cares more for BP than Scotland"

Excellent coverage and analysis by Newsnet Scotland and GLG.


All the best

I have yet to come across any explanation as to why it's ok for the UK and US Government to have normal relations with Mr Megrahi's terrorist bosses in Tripoli.

If justice is served by keeping Mer Megrahi in jail, as President Obama and UK PM Cameron have asserted at their glossy press conference, then how is justice served by their allowing Mr Megrahi's state-sponsored terrorist paymasters and controllers immunity from investigation and prosecution?

Joan, on your last blog you wrote:

"Am I the only person who finds it utterly bizarre that even the BBC is now linking the Al-Megrahi release to BP in headlines?"

BBC Scotland were doing this nearly one year ago, barely a week after the release of Megrahi.

You can Newsnet Scotland's series of articles on the media coverage by googling 'Megrahi, the media and the myths'.

One of BBC Scotland's neatest tricks is to provide balanced coverage of drivel, thus lending the drivel credence.

The British ambassador to the US, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, made a thinly disguised attack on the July 4th media reports that started this whole thing off.

The Sunday Times repeated halftruths and innuendo that had been circulating for months in Scotland in their article of that date. They added the 10-20 year misquote from professor Karol Sikora to spice it up.

The Americans bought it and within hours it was being broadcast on NBC News.

The circus was off and running.

Newsnet Scotland

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