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« Cameron's ministers cosy up to Libya while he trashes Scotland in America. Can you smell hypocrisy? | Main | Megrahi row: The Love Actually moment. »

July 23, 2010


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El El, I can deal with the MSM because that's not the only place I get my information about the world.
What's gut-wrenching is the fact that it is misinforming the voting public to serve the priviliged few with a vested interest in the constitutional status quo.

Simple. Don't buy it, don't read it, don't watch it and don't listen to it. Any money saved should go instead to those you do agree with.

I concur with Grassy Knollington's analysis of the 'Scottish' media's machinations.
Frankly, it borders on corruption.
It's absolutely gut-wrenching - but what can we do about it?

What we truly need is a new, full independent Inquiry into the Lockerbie atrocity itself. That came long before "the release" and is much more important. The release can also feature in the same Inquiry but the atrocity came first. The doubts about Megrahi's guilt, and they are on record from the SCCRC, and the attempts to ignore them, should bother us all. The Herald, at last, has called for an Inquiry into everything. Other papers are beginning to lean that way too. If ordinary people pile on the pressure ultimately we will have only certain politicians resisting and there will be no possible reasons they can raise to justify their position. If any single issue should unite all Parties at Holyrood it is this one.

How refreshing to read a sensible article by an intelligent, articulate and informed writer.

It is very sad that some unscrupulous politicians have so little respect for the deaths of so many people and the suffering of the families that they are prepared to use these events for their own narrow political interests.

Joan wrote "The Americans cannot tell the difference between Scotland and the UK, but there is no excuse for our own media"

very true but I doubt if pointing it out will make any difference as it is a deliberate "mistake" if that's the word. Swiftly aligning themselves with whoever is running down Scotland is now their default position.

They're now so depressingly predictable in this area that if they'd sprung to Scotland's defence and sought to clarify the situation, I'd have been astounded.

As long as enough of the sheeple get the murky mixed message that the Scottish Government is to be held to account/ to blame/ condemned/ hiding something, their job is done.

The intelligent, informed people shouting "you've got it all wrong" can be dismissed as Nat whingers in the usual way.

Well said Joan!

To clarify further - Poo-ee what a STENCH!

Salmond hasn't been formally invited to this foreign government inquiry. Last night, the Senate committee put out a clarification stating it had not formally invited Salmond to testify at the hearing and “never had any intention of doing so”.

The American Committee Press Office who gave media outlets the Blair request letter then mysteriously changed their mind and claimed it was "accidentally obtained by the press". The Senate say that "the Committee has no intention of EVER asking 'Prime Minister Blair' to testify on this issue.". That's quite a strong word isn't it - EVER.

Salmond is a man who has published everything he has been allowed to by the U.S. and David Cameron's "junior partner", provided detailed information to the U.S. (with more to come) and has already been cleared by the relevant parliamentary authorities after a thorough investigation.

In a curious aside, George Galloway has just been on Sky stating that Blair is actually on the payroll of Gadaffi and this is 'well-known'.

Call me daft but I reckon they should invite the contents of that tent. Tony Blair did after all plot to hand a convicted terrorist to a vicious tyrant in exchange for access to oil for British corporations.

Joan, you're not the only one who finds it utterly bizarre. It's the kind of ridiculous statement that doesn't warrant a response, yet the Scottish Government are caught in a catch-22 where they can't keep schtoom and on the other hand they could be accused of 'doth protesting too much'.

Yes, Salmond should be guiding the US Senators in the direction of Tony Blair, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, and Sir Mark Allen.

Sheinwald is now Ambassador to the US and Allen works for BP!!!

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