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June 13, 2010


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the Times new look website looks very similar to the NYT

crazy that the scottish version outsold its more anglocentric daily cousin in relative terms, and was a market leader, and yet is scrapped. all the best!

Hey, good luck, keep up the good work!

Sorry to hear your news Joan. I fear you will not want to return to the Herald what with the new Editor in Chief having lately arrived from the Daily Record. ; )

Thanks Joan for all your efforts to bring a modicum of balance to an increasingly rabidly pro-union press. There's not even an attempt to disguise their loathing of the SNP and independence suporters anymore. We, and our aims, are simply illegitimate (like anything that could potentially undermine the establishments vested interests) and are deserving of nothing but obloquy.

Thank you so much for all the brilliant articles you have given us over the years, Sunday's will not be the same!
Keep fighting the good fight Joan.


Good luck and keep writing!

I appreciate you will continue to write in this space in award-winning style and, hopefully, elsewhere, too.
I'm not alone in buying today's final edition that includes Ecosse. This is a severe loss to the newspaper scene in Scotland - and no political agitation, as far as I'm aware, either?

If you're looking for a about starting up a pro independence (unbiased would be good enough) web based news paper with Iain Bell (not Iain Macwhirter). At the Herald Bell isn't allowed to mention Scottish politics, and his sketches of first minister's questions have been reduced to the size of a postage stamp. I heard Macwhirter on radio scotland 12th May am.....already he's predicting the SNP are dead in the water for the 2011 holyrood election and it's Labours for the taking.

Thanks for all your kind comments. I will not be away for long and have a number of really exciting opportunities - and that's not a code for more gardening! Lallans it's true that more women seem to end up on features, though often that's as much from choice as anything else.

You're a loss to News International anyway, although I'm afraid I was always a Sunday Herald reader. I just hope you aren't left on the dole as too many journalists seem to be these days. I am, however, excited by the prospect of more blogging from you.
Incidentally, as Wardog says, excellent photo.

Sorry to see Ecosse go. It was always essential reading, and in the early days even paid me for the odd snippet. Sadlymcannot buy the last edition - they don't sell it in my part of the UK

Sorry to hear this Joan, although like you say it seems to have been in the offing for a wee while. All the best with the new endeavour, I look forward to reading more Go Lassie Go as one for the few pleaces where I can read enlightened, fair and rational views dealing with issues pertinent to Scots.

PS Great photo, you look stunning! ;-)

Also, if I may say so, striking that your knot of Ecosse writers were so dominantly female. Isn't that rather unusual, in the slugging profession of journalism? In any case, fare thee weel with all your new endeavours!

I'm sorry to see the Scottish Sunday Times as it was go. I found it one of the most impartial, refreshing and informed reads in Scotland and a cut above anything else that was on offer.

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