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June 01, 2010


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' It has harmed the people of Gaza without loosening Hamas's control.'
- It's quite an astonishing assumption that the political party democratically elected to the government of the Occupied Palestinian Territories is, in such a way, to be distinguished from the people who voted for them.
So much for America's noble attempts at democracy building.

In true Orwellian fashion what the US and its client regimes in the Middle East are engaged in is democracy destruction.
I mean, the US did liberate Kuwait from the clutches of an evil dictator in 1991 and Kuwait is now a haven of freedom of expression. Likewise America's oldest ally in the Middle East, the sickening despotic beheaders and amputaters of the medieval House of Suad.

"This is not a group that questions Israel's right to exist - like some of the protesters around the world in recent days."
- The real problem is Israel and its supporters, such as our own UK Government, who question Palestine and Palestinians right to exist.
States don't have a right to exist. No inanimate objects have rights other than those derived from their owners. This is yet another obfuscation deployed by the violent racist Israeli state and its apologists.

'There are certain "fashionable" conflicts in the world, the Middle East is one...'
- The corporate news media in Britian were also quick to smear oppostion to Bush-Blair's illegal attack and invasion of Iraq as 'fashionable'.

The solution to these so-called mis-named 'conflicts' in the Middle Eass is simple. The UK Government, and other western government, crucially the US, should stop intervening to make them possible.
For instance, without the direct outside support of the US there is no way the violent racist apartheid state of Israel can continue with its illegal occupation of three of its neighbours (Shebaa Farms area of Lebanon; Golan Heights of Syria; West Bank and Gaza of Occupied Palestine).

'It examines the facts dispassionately and looks for solutions.'
- The solution in this case is perfectly simple. Find the mass-murders and international terrorists (and maybe even war criminals as this crime took place on the High Seas) who carried out this despicanle mass-murder, hijacking and hostage taking and bring them to justice. That way, other will be detered from carrying out such acts in future.

Israel is a pioneer of the hijacking of international civil airline passenger jets. The first recorded instance is by the Israeli state when it hijacked a Syrian civilian airliner in 1954 and took its crew and passangers hostage.

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