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June 27, 2010


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I'm sure Susan Deacon will come up with sensible proposals for Scottish children but the question will be whether Scotland can afford them out of its shrinking block grant from Westminster.

In other news they've just found a new oilfield in the North Sea in the Catcher block due east of Stonehaven ( which the children will see very little of.

The aims of Scottish Labour Action are below and since the Scottish Section of the Labour Party have their own conference and Scottish Executive Committee and the Holyrood MSP leader is elected by an electoral college which takes in Labour members, the unions and MP's and MEP's I can't see how Susan is disappointed with progress on these aims.

If she wants real autonomy she should join the SNP.

"Greater Autonomy for the Scottish Labour Party

Reference to internal Party structures leads naturally to another of SLA's priorities. If we are to realise the potential of a Scottish Parliament it is essential that the Scottish Labour Party secures a degree of autonomy that will ensure that Labour's policies on the devolved areas are decided in Scotland, that the Party in Scotland controls candidate selections, and elects the Leader of the Labour Group in the Scottish Parliament , ie the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, by the widest possible franchise."

i agree, this is an excellent appointment. Susan Deacon has the balance and the understanding needed in this post. And she has a sense of humour.

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