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May 04, 2010


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Joan, the sheer hypocrisy of the Lib-Dems here in Scotland knows no bounds, they were for a local income tax along with the SNP but then refused to enter into talks with the SNP to rid Scotland of the council tax, Their free tuiton fees was also a con also which the SNP corrected, they failed (remember Finnie!) to represent us adequately in the EU fishing talks and yes they refused to have a coalition with the SNP in 2007 for the greater good as apparantly they sang from a similar hymn sheet as the SNP...until it comes to the crunch.

Hindsights a wonderful thing and i for one am glad that the SNP Went the way of minority government to show up the 3 London based parties for what they are at Holyrood.

That the Lib-Dems would join up with the Tories and not with the SNP shows them up for the same old same old unionist tweedle dem for what they are. They are not what it says on the tin but...has anyone told the English?

Hi Vronsky, the LibDems didn't get PR for Council Elections in Scotland, the Scottish people got it following a long period of Consultation done for the Scottish Parliament led by Neil McIntosh. The McIntosh Commission covered the length and breadth of the country and the message coming through was that PR was the favoured option for ordinary people actually working in communities. I remember it well as I was very involved in the process myself at the time. The Lib Dems have tried to steal credit but it was ordinary people that drove it, not them.


Yes, in the May 2007 election and its fallout, the Scottish Lib-Dems proved they were a unionist party first and a Scottish party second. Their abandonment of the substance of the Steel Commission for the relative superficiality of the Calman Commission was particularly mercenary. They did achieve PR for local elections though - progenitor of a slow-burning and largely beneath-the-horizon revolution in Scottish politics. If the UK Lib-Dems could get PR for Westminster that would also be an outstanding achievement. They may have gone quiet on it to encourage voters who aren't necessarily keen on PR and the kind of politics it produces. Or they may have sniffed power and made the necessary adjustments. Time will soon tell.

Yes, the major question on the Lib Dems is whether they will insist on PR if they have the opportunity, and it isn't looking good. It's interesting that in England they are perceived as 'different' whereas in Scotland we view them through a very different prism - we have seen them in power, and it wasn't pretty.

To be fair, they got PR for council elections in Scotland, and that substantially lifted Labour's foot from the neck of local democracy. But PR has much more radical implications for Westminster than for Scottish local authorities, and even if the LDs had the will for it I'm sure it would be prevented - by fair means or foul. So a prediction of no PR looks like a safe one.

Polls tonight show the Lib-Dem vote falling and have Labour in second.

On the tax threshhold increase to £10K however I want to know where he will get the money to fund this. We've been well warned in recent months that tax cuts are out for some time to come, so how can we afford this? £700 per person per year? It's going to cost a fortune. What is he planning to do to the basic rate?

And electoral reform is sliding down the list of priorities. What a surprise. Suddenly the slightest whiff of power and Nick is ready to deal, even with Tories. Ugh!

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