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May 30, 2010


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Great and nice post thank you.

It's interesting to hear that Tavish Scott and Campbell Christie both think that more economic independence for Scotland is a good thing as the logical endpoint to that argument is independence itself. Since both are unionists, it would also be interesting to find out at what point they think increased economic powers for Scotland would start to cause damage. Since an independent country has total control of its revenues and taxes then if they can't define at what point the transfer of economic power to Scotland starts to cause damage before independence is reached then their economic policy for Scotland is hamstrung by their unionism.

Tavish Scott's call for a, "Calman Plus", is as vague as the term, "Devo Max", and as directionless as the Steel Report. When the Lib-Dems went into the Calman Commission they had nothing beyond some vague aspirations towards more economic powers being given to the Scottish Parliament and without any firm, worked out solutions they got eaten alive by Labour. The Steel Report lists a lot of options but in the end all it calls for is another constitutional convention to work out the nitty-gritty of defining and transfering additional powers to Scotland.

Tavish Scott's call for the SNP to join in a, "Calman Plus", won't work unless the final part of the Calman Commission remit which is, "...and continue to secure the position of Scotland within the United Kingdom", is ditched. If that part isn't ditched he's calling on the SNP to help ensure the primary purpose of the SNP which is independence fails. He wants them to help do this in a working group with no concrete proposals from the Lib-Dems to define what, "Calman Plus", means and nothing more than the snazzy catch-phrase of, "Calman Plus", to go on with.

Campbell Christie doesn't seem to understand how Calman works. If he believes that Calman, "...would make the Scottish Parliament more responsible for some of the monies it spends, and so more accountable to the Scottish electorate.", then he either hasn't read the Calman Report or understood it. What Calman's tax proposals boil down to are that the current variable income tax rate of 3p is raised to 10p, with the money being taken out of the final sum given to the Parliament in the case of a reduction or kept by the Scottish Parliament if it's an increase as it was for the 3p rate. Since the 3p rate was never used the genius behind the idea that Scotland now needs a 10p rate will never be understood.

Alas, we also need monetary powers

For too long, Scotland and other parts of the U.K. have suffered due to monetary policy being decided mostly for the benefit of the South East of England.

John B.

Your faith is admirable but don't put too much hope in these later-days Alex Douglas-Homes.

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