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May 07, 2010


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They weren't my friends, they were hundreds of people going to vote at a polling station. I tried to convince them otherwise.

In my post I said I didn't understand why Scotland had voted Labour to keep the Tories out whilst the North of England and Wales didn't. Perhaps the answer lies in the difference between the Scottish press and the press in the rest of the UK. Have a look at the Daily Record on 6th May, a two page spread titled "Only A Labour Vote Will Ensure We Don't Get The Tories" penned by Gordon Brown.

The Tories made it clear that they would regard any vote for a unionist party as a mandate to govern in Scotland. If your friends were so desperate to keep the Tories out they should have voted SNP.

Many people told me they voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Some strongly wanted to vote SNP, but stole themselves to vote Labour. Scotland wasn't attracted to Labour or their policies. This was a desperate attempt to keep the Tories out. I don't understand why this wasn't the case in Wales and the North of England.

The LibDems will struggle with the Tories on at least 3 major things: immigration, Europe and electoral reform. That's just for starters.

A coalition with Labour would bring the SNP, the Welsh Nationalists and the others into play. I think its looking interesting.

The big loser yesterday really, was Cameron.

Conan joked on his blog "imagine what a disaster it would have been if the MSM had been against us?"

One of the most striking things about last night was how bitter Labour were towards the SNP even in victory. Curran, Murphy and Alexander couldn't wait to get tore in to the SNP despite the fact that they were supposed to be "irrelevant".

BBC Scotland reporters weren't much better and I have to say that the prize for gloating has to go to Sally Magnusson. At lunchtime this neutral BBC newsreader quoted an observation Alex Salmond had made to Jeremy Paxman about the SNP and Plaid, and struggled to say,

Alex Salmond says "Fate seems to have dealt us a mighty hand" because she was laughing like a drain thus cementing many people's view that BBC Scotland are the broadcasting arm of the Labour Party.

Last night, Scotland voted for a different government from the rest of the UK.

If Scotland is so obsessed with having a Labour government, then I'm afraid there is only one thing for it: support an independence referendum, and vote accordingly. Otherwise, we'll continue to be governed by whoever England elects, because even with all of Scotland and Wales' seats, Labour would still have fallen well short of the Tories, never mind getting a majority.

Cue the 'feeble forty one'.

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