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May 24, 2010


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i hope more people like you joan put more pressure on and persuade the uk government/scotland office/danny alexander to give Scotland full fiscal autonomy asap.

John, in Scotland the parliament is not sovereign. The sovereignty lies and always has lain in the people of Scotland.

Calman is merely scraps from the table and demeaning in nature.The SNP should reject anything but full independence as a matter of principle.I,for,one,don't want to grovel for what is rightfully mine.I take back what has been taken from me.If only all Scots had principles.....

However, I see in the Scotsman today that political sectarianism of the unionist versus separatist kind has reared its ugly head in the form of Cathy Jamieson warning that Scottish Labour will fight any moves to let the SNP Government influence the implementation of Calman. Other Scottish Labour MPs are reported in the same article as reacting to reports of flexibility on the part of the coalition government towards future legislation on fiscal autonomy by warning that if Calman in not implemented in full they will try to block the transfer of other powers such as the setting of speed limits etc. I personally feel it is vital the the SNP has the foresight to grasp this opportunity to isolate this kind of Scottish unionism by not engaging in the vitriol. The sight of Ian Paisley ranting on TV had the effect of giving unionism generally a bad name. If handled correctly the antics of Scottish Labour could have the same long term effect.

Mmm. Why does the acronym ConDem Nation seem just a little biased? It must be a reflection of the politically partisan atmosphere in Scotland. Other than it's use on the Daily Mirror headline and then the Morning Star it's hardly ever seen south of the Border. Even people willing to accept that the LibTory coalition is being more amenable than anyone in Scotland expected still feel under pressure to sound Labourite.

I do think that revised constitutional arrangement for Scotland needs to include broadcasting. The BBC failed lamentably to reflect Scottish interests in the recent election campaign, and the only practical way of ensuring there is no repetition is to alter the governance structure.
On a broader constitutional note, the UK government needs to explain its referendum position. Seemingly it is important to ask us all if we mind altering the voting system; but not how we feel about changes to constituency sizes; the proposed 55% dissolution rule and changes to the House of Lords et al. Who says it is OK to cherry-pick like this? On any logical analysis, it ought to be no referndum (because parliament is sovereign and any majority can change the constitution); or it is not and we need to be asked.

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