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April 20, 2010


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Well Brown is having to now defend the decision to impose a no fly ban. I think, personally, that this is absolutely scandalous. The alternative strategy, to allow flights to continue, had it resulted in just one plane going down with all lives lost, would no doubt have been his fault too and he would have been crucified for it. I realise that in some situations you really can't win but really, in a situation like this, it is absolutely scandalous that anyone is whining about the massive safety risks involved when dealing with something we so rarely have to deal with and the uncertainties associated with such natural events like this over which man has absolutely no control.

I agree with GK, as the ash is diluted then the damage / clogging of the engines will be accumulative. And rather than cause catastrophic failure in a short time as experienced by the BA 747 over Indonesia there is a real risk of engines clogging up over time. The safeguard against this is an increased frequency of checks.
Made more complicated as each aircraft will fly through air with different densities of ash.

Anyone see Mr Walsh being his usual arrogant self on the ten o'clock news and warning that once this is over the whole issue will be reviewed to see what "could have been done better"? This man's obsession with losses being felt by the company he represents over safety is now quite clear. No one doubts that all of this has cost airlines a fortune but surely the safety of passengers AND Mr Walsh's crews is paramount in all of it. Given a straight choice between advice from experts and Mr Walsh's views I'd choose the experts every time. But Walsh's contempt for those refusing to allow flights has shown him in a light no one should forget quickly. Its just all about profit.

Its called economics trying to override common sense yet again.

Even if a plane flies through the ash and comes out the other side unscathed that's no reason to lift the restrictions. This will cause serious maintenance issues on the engines that could cause a crash months *after* the ash clears, not to mention the cost of replacing thousands of expensive turbines.

Would the media quit bothering us with Volcano hard luck stories. Some folk can't afford a holiday. If you're stuck, tough. Better still - enjoy yourself.

If it's any consolation, the pilots aren't too keen to fly through the ash, even though their jobs are on the line. The commercial airline pilot I was talking to yesterday was very dubious about the EU and businesses lobbying for the restrictions to be lifted.

Might be reading a bit too much in to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if some pilots refused to fly, or at least refused to fly passenger services, if the rules were altered.

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