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April 16, 2010


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Ahem. The most commonly accepted estimate of the amount of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere each year by normal volcanic activity (venting etc.) on land and at sea is 300 million metric tons. Sounds a lot, but human burning of fossil fuel is measured in tens of BILLIONS of metric tons per year. Anthropogenic CO2 emissions are around 100-150 times those of volcanoes.

I wasted some time answering climate change denialists over at subrosa's place, but ended up understanding that rejection of anthropogenic climate change is an unquestionable article of right-wing faith. One might as well try telling the pope that there was no Immaculate Conception.

For those whose interest is scientific rather than theological, there is a good essay here:

"The Manufactured Doubt Industry and the Hacked Email Controversy"

And I'd recommend the Weather Underground site where the original article came from as a good general reference:

Joan, to answer your question then lookee here:

Subrosa, what does it have to do with climate change??

This where its all coming from.

Tom tells me a film crew are on their way to Shetland and have told him to cover up his car till they arrive - in case rain washes the stuff away!

I love this story because of the silence from the climate change supporters. :)

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