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April 01, 2010


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This is really scary stuff, if he had indeed been targeted.

I`m neither a sleuth nor a journo but it seems to me that these ALEOs, however objectionable, have been set up and run within existing guidelines. There are, however, far more serious allegations which require the fine-toothed comb analysis of independent audit. These include :- City Refrigeration quoting prices said to be above those in rival tenders, but still winning the contract. How ? Why ? City Refrigeration`s relocation compensation being increased from £7.2m to £13.3m following a meeting between the firm's owner, Willie Haughey, and First Minister, Jack McConnell which we were told had no bearing on the raised offer. There may indeed be good reasons for all this, but, put in the context of the £1.1m that Mr. Haughey has donated to the Labour party in recent years, it is an affront to democratic accountability for Mr. Coleman and the council to refuse an open, independent inquiry. He has told those demanding scrutiny to bring forward evidence "if they have any". May I suggest that, given the information which is already in the public domain, it is for Mr. Coleman and his colleagues to prove that there has been no impropriety and to fail to do so will only cement the public`s impression of a deplorable clique of vested interest whose sole aim is to avoid incrimination.

It all seems to be unravelling. We have seen that we cannot trust the Scottish media to play with a straight bat, so the sooner we have a properly independent investigation the better.
I don't see that sitting on the Aleos (and getting paid for it) is a crime in itself. After all, we knew they existed and surely we didn't think they did it for nowt. The concommitant cronyism and backscratching is the issue at hand.

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