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April 28, 2010


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David Cameron - for some reason - gets an easy ride from the British media. Not once have we seen the photograph of him in his Bullingdon Club days appear in the press.

Further confirmation that Scottish democracy is not safe in British hands.

During the 1995 Scottish Election, Scottish Judges banned a BBC Panorama tv broadcast of an interview with Tory Leader and Prime Minster, John Major.

Even the Controller of BBC Scotland admitted it was wrong to broadcast such programmes at such a time, calling it 'unfair' -

Scots judge bans Major interview
04 Apr 1995

`Panorama'with Major was a mistake, says BBC Scotland chief
Independent on Sunday
09 Apr 1995

The Lib Dem leader is claiming the SNP are trying to erect an 'electronic barrier' round Scotland, despite the fact it was the Lib Dems and Labour, not the SNP, who erected one themselves in 1995 -

Nick Clegg attacks Alex Salmond over election debate legal action
26 Apr 2010

all the best GLG

My maint point in defending the SNP's right to be in this debate is the fact that they send MPs to Westminster. They field candidates here for Westminster elections and they are a major player in Scottish Politics. It has nothing to do with devolution - we vote for SNP candidates on reserved matters too - so the argument of the others just doesn't hold up. Shocking tho to see this unfold. We all knew about the bias within BBC Scotland but how sickening is it to see it being applied even to a situation as important as this where they are denying not just the SNP but all of Scotland the right to a balanced debate. More sickening still is hearing Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems backing such a position.

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