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April 20, 2010


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Well hythlodaeus, from what I hear of fleshpots of Brussels..

On more serious matters .yes, I have same dilemma re flying. Supposed to speak at Celtic Media Festival in Ireland. Should I pay for my own ferry?

The airline industry is only interested in money. The Labour government once again caved in to pressure from big business. Who cares if passengers are safe?

Ahem...Should be have been "Hard call", not "Hand call"...

*looks embarrassed*

Further to my last comment,on Sunday I'm meant to be flying out to Brussels for what is literally a once in a lifetime, career-making opportunity to chat to people in the EU and UK Government EU offices looking for post-grad talent.

A very hard choice there. Worth the risk when I might not get back, worth getting a ferry for stupid amounts of money, worth losing an amazing opportunity? Hand call...but I won't be flying unless I'm convinced it's safe, despite the disadvantages.

Would anyone fly for pleasure or business if they did a little research.

Terra firma for me.

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